ILLINOIS: AMTK Amtrak-National Railroad Passenger Corp.
  BOCT Baltimore & Ohio Chicago Terminal Railroad Company
  BRC Belt Railway Company of Chicago
BLOL Bloomer Line, The
BJRY Burlington Junction Railway
BNSF BNSF Railway Company
CN Canadian National Railways
CPRS Canadian Pacific Railway
CIC Cedar Rapids & Iowa City Railway Co.
CIRY Central Ilinois Railroad Co.
CMR Central Midland Railway Co.
CFE Chicago Ft. Wayne & Eastern, A Division of Central Railroad of Indinapolis
CRL Chicago Rail Link
CSS Chicago SouthShore & South Bend Railroad
CIR City of Rochelle Railroad Company
COER Crab Orchard and Egyptian Railroad
CSXT CSX Transportation, Inc.
DT Decatur Junction Railway Company
EIRC Eastern Illinois Railroad Company
EFRR Effingham Rail Road Company
EJE Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Railway Co.
IMRR Illinois & Midland Railroad, Inc.
IR Illinois RailNet, Inc.
ILW Illinois Western Railroad Company
IHB Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad Co.
INRD Indiana Rail Road Corporation
IAIS Iowa Interstate Railroad, Ltd.
ICE Iowa, Chicago and Eastern Railroad Corp.
KBSR Kankakee, Beaverville and Southern Railroad
KCS Kansas City Southern Railway Co.
KJRY Keokuk Junction Railway
MJ Manufacturers Junction Railway Co.
MRS Manufacturers Railway Company
NS Norfolk Southern Railway Co.
PI Paducah & Illinois Railroad Co.
PRY Pioneer Industrial Railway Co.
RVPR Riverport Railroad, LLC
STR Shawnee Terminal Railway Co., Inc.
SCIH South Chicago & Indiana Harbor Railway Co.
TRRA Terminal Railroad Association of St Louis
TPW Toledo, Peoria and Western Railway Corporation
UP Union Pacific Railroad Co.
VRRC Vandalia Railroad Company
V V RR Vermilion Valley Railroad Co., Inc.
WSOR Wisconsin & Southern Railroad Company